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test words
11-04-2014, 01:15 AM,
test words
This is a fire barrier test; the first, testing fire retardant materials & the second testing new arrangements for old methods. The reality of those tests and their descriptions are seen, & to be read: on the scroll line at the bottom of this video. More of interest, to you, is at the end.
Alternately, the audio presented reflects a more primary test! Established by simple evidence: the following experiments, and realities which do affect us all, are described. The cost of being wrong/ given credible definition. Therefore make your own decision. Investigate for truth, examine the evidence for reality, and choose.
Our entire planet is threatened with extinction: so says the evidence. Unless you believe, life on earth can survive a ten million degree F. Fire (just like on the sun). Or as university theory goes: “That fire, will just extinguish itself, because there isn’t enough gravity here to sustain it”!
Wrong is a dead world, every life including yours; even a dead solar system! That is the gamble your universities are taking with every life on earth. Established by leaders, and their counterfeit money. Allowed by military, media, religions, and the majority of people; including courts who protect their purpose, “without question”. Machines exist to create that, same as “sun fire” here. Everyday the national ignition facility (NIF) located at Lawrence Livermore laboratories in San Francisco tries. At any time, ignition can occur!
Their words, Quote: NIF will achieve....180 million degrees F/ .....only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the big bang, when the universe was a primordial fireball: the interior of stars and planets, and thermonuclear weapons. By comparison; a supernova is stated to be...18-54 million degrees F. Quote ....the extreme density created at NIF is larger than that achieved by a core-collapse supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide. This is their machine.
Then comes the 3 exa-watt lasers: expected completion on or about 1298 days after the first attempt, at NIF occurred. Triangulated, into one spot, situated to do so; these machines represent: 3 million of the largest lightning bolts possible, “all hitting the same place/ at the same time”. Predicted completion, September 2015.
To date, the NIF experiments have failed to do what they promised to do: which is to combine hydrogen under extreme heat & pressure: to “fuse it into helium”. The universities stated theory: this is the source of fire on the sun”/ even though no helium in any real quantity is now, nor ever has been (by the evidence) produced by the sun. Fusion is theory, now proven wrong! Still, they continue.
The university does know not what gravity is either; a simple fact/ yet they bet every life on earth, based upon their gravitational theories & assumptions. We cannot extinguish a ten million degree fire/ it will do, what fire does; turning this planet into a sun.
Soon NIF will start their military purpose: to explode small amounts of thermonuclear weapons, “to see if it still works”. Greatly increasing the likelihood: they will get their nuclear fire.
Even so, the 3 exawatt lasers, situated to work together: are designed to be “a match”/ that will ignite a sun fire here on earth. We DO KNOW, this fire on the sun does EXIST; therefore it is entirely possible, to bring that fire to this earth. It is an observed, physical reality. With just one experiment. Together these 3 lasers: will cause a 1 x 10 to the 54 power; energy burst! From three directions, this energy will crash into itself; and our planet will be lost! 1 x 10 to the 6th power is a one million watt light bulb. Grab a 100 watt light bulb and get a clue!
Once ignited a ten million degree fire that clearly burns nuclear bonds, to destroy elements! Will rise as fire, above this earth for miles, ejecting the atmosphere with it/ sucking in everything! With a thousand mile per hour or more updraft; “including people”. Ready for the ride, into extinction?
Both machines store electricity in capacitors, so it can be released as a laser burst of energy, as one instantaneous second.
This is no game, the first machine exists/ the second will soon be done. The levels of energy are so extreme, the probability of failure to ignite; is unlikely. There is no going back/ no try again: this fire cannot be put out! It burns atomic bonds, and everything on earth is fuel. The fire we know, burns molecular bonds: see the difference! Sun fire burns your skin in summer, from 91 million miles away: think about it. Wrong is a dead world; absolutely everything! Gambled by university and all leaders: on the theory, “this fire will just put itself out”. Believe it or not.
The question presented is: do you believe the university, and accept the consequence of being wrong truly, therefore they should ignite sun fire on earth? Because Any other conclusion supports intervention as: NO YOU CANNOT continue to do this! YOU WILL STOP, right now! OR, constructs your assumption and completes your decision, no; “they cannot do it, even though the energies used are extreme and sufficient”/ you need not care! Wrong is dead, every child, every future life, everything. They will curse you, for an eternity.

Leaders and all others; including the media all demand “the university knows” what it is doing/ and can’t be questioned: by you! All have proven: they won’t quit/ their decision has been made. Risk the planet!
But, My only question is: WHAT HAPPENS, when their theory is proven WRONG? The answer is, we, the world/ all die; every life with us! Therefore every life has a legal right, to be notified; so as to protect and decide for themselves. The court refuses.
Still can’t be questioned or debated; so says the military, police, court, media, leaders, and religion doesn’t care. That does establish, Realities of a “cult: you can’t question the leaders, they are god/ you can’t think for yourself, it is forbidden”.

Democracy says: we the people have a LEGAL right to know, these experiments gamble with our very lives, your children, nature, & even the planet itself! It is no game/ proven true, by the fact; there are no second chances.
IL State and US Federal courts have proven anarchy and treason; by making rules to control constitutional law/ corruption is: “I am the law; I decide; rather than the nation”. Courts have removed the right of redress, which is “we the people, will decide for ourselves”! That is collusion, “we will not allow, liberty or justice, constructing fraud”. Rewriting democracy to become “the government” themselves; instead of the constitution controls by oath: is conspiracy, the intent of treason. Additionally, Destroying the foundation of justice as a democracy: which is the jury gets to decide if the reality presented, and its solution by court and law; was FAIR, “to us all”. This makes, “we the people” owners of a state or nation/ not subjects, of a judge or ruler. Tampering with a jury, makes a mockery of constitutional decree: “our choice, our law, our rights, our nation or state; guaranteeing our society shall be governed by WE THE PEOPLE!” Leaders, Establishing rebellion, rather than being “our employees”.
The press: was sold to a tiny few, by the US supreme court/ and those few owners do, control your news ( you are, to think this). Or be banned from media, unless Propagating “their expert, alone knows everything”. Using entertainment to remove reality; discarding truth to protect power. Every story, every theory is; accepted as if fact, from the university; and then washed over the public like endless rain through television, etc. Including gambling with every life on earth, IS GREAT. WITHOUT a whisper of “ this does include the risk of extinction, and horrors beyond imagination, for us all”! Alas the cult believes. Passing by all information, that describes: they lead you to invest in extreme experimentation/ genetic mutilation, the crucifixion of life, & lying/ cheating/ stealing/ counterfeiting; everything else the fantasies of a university wants. Many horrendous gambles, that cannot end well; but all people are silent. Letting this beautiful world, collapse into HELL; because the university has no respect for life/ and humanity doesn’t care; because they are “believers, in “university knows”! A cult
Tragedy coming everywhere/ Such as this, does prove: everything called life, at risk, of complete collapse.
Geneticists say quote: Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing Chimeras-a hybrid creature that's part human, part animal.... have fused human cells with rabbit eggs....for years scientists have added human genes to bacteria and farm animals....trying to create, not only life as we know it/ but also "life as it might be"... working to create synthetic (man-made) biology-including synthetic organisms, attempting biological engineering, producing artificial chemistry, forcing origin of life; “we will be god”, trying to bring back paleogenetics.... cloned life...first human embryos, to be engineered. And so on.
Just some of the words you should know. Quote: we created an organism with manmade
DNA...worth more than a trillion dollars..."its pretty stunning when you just replace the DNA (nature).....and in a short while, all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges...means cheaper and widely accessible tools to build bio-weapons, virulent pathogens and artificial organisms that could pose grave threats to people and the planet. The danger is not just bio-terror, but "bio-error"... sequenced and stored in digital form, will move instantaneously across the globe and be resurrected in ....labs thousands of miles away. Care to guess where? Who can hate you most? Do not terrorists kill themselves too!

The university diploma, is literally intent upon destroying nature itself/ to create evolution: their religion! Nature is DNA or, more simply the genetic instructions which build the bodies of life in every form of living.
Evolution as conceived is [every life form was built by “accidental chaos”, one piece at a time; over billions of years]. There is no proof, it is insanity. Adaption is merely the evidence of “perfect design”; or, I knew this would be needed/ and prepared.
By mutilating genetic structure and releasing that altered biology back into nature on earth: they are waiting, watching, hoping, and working for “evolution, to come”. As all religions do! Never asking once, “what happens, when this goes wrong!
They can destroy life/ We cannot fix nature, after they destroy the disciplines, balance, order, structure, “software”, neural networks, senses, body parts, children, and everything else nature gives us to survive and be happy: including food. We need every piece and part all at once; to be the body of life we inhabit! What part don’t you need/ what good is a heart, without blood, or vessels, or lungs, etc? Look in the nursing home, to see, what losing even a little bit of “our perfection”; does in fact mean. Evolution is a delusion for fools.
Geneticists cross species boundaries intentionally: trying to establish in nature, the known cause of nearly every disease pandemic every studied. What could go wrong? Answer the question.
Mutilating nature is as far beyond insane as you can get/ until trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun: a greater abomination there cannot be. Making the university diploma, by a few: “Satan”. The intentional destroyers of a world!

We then look at the additional places “university knows” has taken us all too! And find:
“University knows” is trying to recreating the big bang, and may do so/ believe it or not. Because first, atomic structures must be weakened, just like imploding a building: this is C.E.R.N.
Every time you donate to nearly any form of medical cure: they mutilate genetics, and do little more. That fact makes you their source of power, to do so.

Looking farther into the future: we find, That the oceans are nearly empty, trawlers everywhere; believe it or not. The fish are attacked, “take them all/ don’t leave a single one/ for next years crop, or any predator”: IS THE CREED of every single trawler. Come back full! The entire livestock industry is now dependent upon antibiotic feeds/ one single disease, can wipe this entire food source out in a few weeks. Entire species of plants ARE put at risk, through genetic manipulation: no defenses left. Seeds are sterilized/ diversity ends, “no defenses”. Antibiotics are nearly gone; believe it or not/ replaced by “super-diseases” instead. Your Medicine dies without antibiotics, because surgery ends; leaving only the drugs which end in lawsuits continually. The pollinators are nearly dead, from poisons everywhere/ and mutilated crops, which are intended, to kill them all: half of all diversity dies with them. Poisons are everywhere in cities too. Insects are dying in hordes: which means a “billion tons and more” of livestock feed, for all wildlife, rivers, streams, lakes, and ocean is missing. The chain of life broken. Over 80% of all forest land on earth is gone/ habitat and its species included; creating mass extinction that will gain speed. We have a mine that is enormous, held up by only “domino sticks”/ and when it collapses; it will be as if, a large asteroid crashed into earth! Coming soon, it takes only one small earthquake; a billion dead or more, before this is done. The Yellowstone volcano WILL erupt “In concert” with this event/ Hell on earth literally begins. All the weight of the ice you have melted/ now sets somewhere else: changing tectonic plate balance; which brings more earthquakes, and increased volcano activity. It also means the earth itself is now out of balance, “like a tire”/ and there will be consequences. The water will be gone for most of this USA soon, spent for fossil fuels. Or, with a single earthquake; give special thanks to “natural gas”/ destroyed by One tiny little crack or crevice; and the aquifer for a million people or more is dead. Nonetheless the water in the great lakes can easily disappear, almost overnight: because of an earthquake, or other: this is a provable fact. Your leaders don’t care. The US Ogahalla aquifer is nearly empty bringing back the dust bowl; with no way to stop it! According to “experts”, an aquifer gains only one inch of water, per fifty inches of rainfall; in permeable soils: “think”. More than a thousand square miles of US coastline is inundated with ammonia from fertilizers, killing life there. Not the only one. We will soon be out of potash, a critical fertilizer for food. The trees which literally hold the atmosphere to the planet itself, are missing. The equator spins at one thousand miles an hour/ without this frictional loss, that means, the atmosphere itself will speed up. The endless fossil fuels burned: have already changed the upper atmosphere, reducing oxygen content. Every fire, every motor consumes oxygen: by 7 billion people to cook or heat, or travel, or play, every single day! Everything that creates oxygen for us has been nearly destroyed. Ozone, which stops radiation from the sun (from micro waving us); has not been “repaired”. It takes an abundance of oxygen to create ozone naturally: they lie. “Wall street” bragged: we have manufactured more products in the last ten years/ than throughout all of human history. Bringing to reality: just how many resources are being plundered/ and a future being assassinated for every child. Not to worry though, “you got a gun”/ and nations got weapons of mass destruction; ain’t that so. They are “your saviors” isn’t that so? But lets be real: Going to kill a billion people? Still 6+ billion to go/ better buy more ammo. Or just put down your gun, because it is not an answer!
All terrorists are fools, destroying themselves first. BUT it is also true, without hope, there are only three choices: find hope/ be depressed and potentially suicidal/ or encounter hate! Choose to respect and help each other, with justice, fair play/ and equality for all: but within reality itself.
A terrorist is: someone who declares themselves to be, “judge and jury, for god”. There are no religious words, that are NOT written by man. There are no religious words, that are NOT written in a man’s language, but they do serve a man’s purpose. No human language is perfect/ which means NO RELIGIOUS TEXT, is perfect; all are unworthy, of the assumption, “from GOD”. Every religion proves a relationship granted only through spirit. Spirit constructs only truth/ but humanity wants lies: so there are endless excuses; to give war, to man/ because men want war, and blame GOD. It is their own curse, they exercise. There are no religious words, that grant authority to men: as if they speak for “GOD”! We are allowed only, “to talk of ourselves”/ examining that reality for truth. There are no religious rights, to use hate against life/ hate is an enemy of all life, proven true, throughout history! There are no value’s in religion, that destroy a woman’s place as “mother of us all”: you owe her your life! Which means, to disrespect the foundation of life, as is woman: is to refuse your soul. To refuse women or their rights, to be free as any man can be: is fundamental blasphemy against GOD: because this is HIS WORK; and you are her creation with HIS “TOOLS”! There are no religious words, that allow men to “gamble with all life on earth/ or destroy life on earth, because they want to rule, or play god”. Truth understands: the beauty of this world, is granted only through the evidence called love: that is, GOD’S GRACE, upon us all. Those who prove love, do translate their lives into worship of GOD. NO others do.
Don’t destroy anything but hate, accept your responsibility to protect HIS CREATION: “You” are responsible for your own actions and reactions/ every single one. If you, Fail these simple rules, reality says you do become, “devil: the seed of violence”! Don’t “fall in”/ rise up, with life & choose love: by working for justice through law! There are NO religious wars, every single one; is a purpose to hate GOD’S OWN CREATION/ and prove it with violence. How is that not “satan/ or whatever word you like for murder and destruction”; leading you?

Turning to the general public; we see increase in population by over 3-4 billion people in these last fifty years. That can’t be done alone. Nor can adding to that population by over 2 million more mouths to feed, than deaths, every week; is a massive feat. How can you doubt, this describes cannibalism, without end? A reality consistent with the math that says, we already stand, as one human being/ on each and every acre of agricultural land on earth! That acre must provide for other life too/ granting without the ocean life, there is no hope. Not even war/ because it destroys so much; disease released, kills us all, in one form or another. There is no future for anyone, without human birth control.
We add most global warming is caused by air-conditioning/ the more you do it, the more you need it. The more ice that melts, the more our environment as a planet will change. Then there is the ever expanding “suburbs”/ demanding cars; destroying agricultural land and habitat; on a world where there are already one billion people or more hungry and thirsty, nearly every day. The consequences of lying/ cheating/ stealing/ bribes/ treason/ greed/ hatred/ competition/ crowding/ and selfishness; find our world at the edge of war. Just one of the smaller issues being; numerous 50 year old nuclear reactors, with known cavitations (holes be punctured, by chemical reaction), in the pressure vessel; cannot end well.
There is no future, if you continue to hide from reality, and run away from the truth. There is only death, as seen by this evidence; and the reality of barely a penny spent on infrastructure, for decades: “by university knows”. Do they not control “everything” in government, business, finance, society? It is the one unifying factor, describing how we got here!

BUT, people want MONEY most/ greed controls people, possessions, and alters experience. Yet money buys you no happiness; only sharing life does that. “Trinkets and toys to play with”, is your gift from the university. Their contribution as a whole: Be blind, deaf, mute/ hide, or run away; “our delusions” will save you. While life itself, is being exterminated! True change must come, or there is no future. What good, will your money be; in a world on fire/ nature in chaos/ or life without food, water, or a body that works? Is that not war, without end!
Reality by the evidence gives us knowledge. Investigations that bring understanding, give us opportunity. Respect, gives us wisdom, and the potential to fix any problem that has not gone past the point of no return. Each identified with our own common sense (LIFE taught us this, is true)/ no delusions, theories, or excuses: make your decision, and live with the consequences.
These are the solutions/ and they do require your work, and your acceptance: ONLY TRUTH ITSELF, as best we can/ will decide. Defining and deciding simply: LIFE FOR THIS PLANET, COMES FIRST.
Your determination for life, love, truth, and hope; WILL establish our future. Because nearly everyone of these threats, are assigned strictly because humanity chose it! CHOOSE BETTER.
Remember this: the foundation of every lie is, “I want”! The foundation of every news organization, “is a few people, in an office; who gather to decide what it is that you can or will be told”. Nothing more or less!
The reality of every threat listed here is “an extermination of life; or, by degrees an ending to all we need and love”. That gives each person, very simply: one of three choices.
1. You believe, that nothing can go wrong for life or planet/ everything will be fine, because that is what you want! No matter what the evidence or consequences, now or in the future; of being wrong might be. Therefore you don’t care, and are willing to tear life, and planet down forever.
2. You understand, that the cost of being wrong on every or any single threat listed here is too great to allow/ therefore we must be certain. We must be sure, that these things shall not go wrong; as best we can. By intervening, wherever possible.
3. You believe that everything is “under GOD’S control”/ or its all fate, and you cannot change anything: so you don’t have to care! Even though, all but one listed threat (dependent, upon what men have already done), is entirely man-made! Or, more simply; each of these things are under our control, as “free, to make our own choices, people”.

There are no second chances for this life or planet, dead is dead. When chaos is found everywhere, you are dead. You must think, for yourself, and participate! To survive.

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